Campus and Student Resilience  
UCLA Campus & Student Resilience (CSR) expands and coordinates campus efforts to promote student resilience, well-being, and success. CSR emphasizes evidence-based positive psychology programs to promote skills to cope with stress and adversity, recover & maintain emotional equilibrium, increase flexibility and overall functioning, and thrive in response to personal, campus and global strife and challenge. CSR targets cognitive, behavioral, emotional, motivational, spiritual, and social domains, collaborating with campus partners to support students’ skill development in each domain.

College Academic Counseling  
College Academic Counselors help students plan and shape their undergraduate career at UCLA, drawing from programs and opportunities across the entire University. In addition to assisting with choosing a major and consulting on academic programming, College Counselors, as educators, engage students in a broader dialogue to clarify academic and personal goals and how UCLA can positively impact those goals.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)  
The Counseling Center offers many resources and services that can help build and support resilience. Check out their group treatments that focus on skills and tools that can help you get through the quarter and maintain your well-being. For more details on the skills and tools, please look up “Coping Through the Quarter” and “Wellness Skills” on their site, under Group Treatment  .

GRIT Coaching Program  
GRIT stands for guidance, resilience, integrity and transformation. GRIT is a peer-to-peer coaching program that offers UCLA students individualized support with the aims of enhancing overall well-being and improving academic and personal success by utilizing various strategies for empowerment. Some of the outcomes for the peer coaching sessions include improved well-being, connection to the larger campus community, improved ability to manage stress, and enhanced academic performance.

University Studies  
University Studies imparts UCLA students with critical strategies to achieve undergraduate excellence at a top-tier research institution. Courses in University Studies assist students in making a successful transition to UCLA by focusing on the academic, social, and emotional aspects of their transition. The courses cultivate a formal space where students learn the following: to engage collaboratively with their diverse community of scholars; to comprehend and apply theoretical foundations of college student development; to navigate the complex structure of the University; and to be fully aware of their value to the intellectual fabric of the institution as contributors to innovative research and scholarship.

As we continue to build our Bruin Strong Alliance, stay tuned for more resources!